Jun 30, 2004

Planning to CANCEL an Election soon ?

One could say this is something that needs to be clarified for  an emergency, but then one could also say the timing of this question arising now is very ominous. Suddenly it's asked just as the Texas Twit is looking hopeless in the polls. And it was brought up by a Bush Appointee no less... and look who he's asking for direction... Condi And Tom Ridge !? Hmmm... i wonder where they will suggest the Power and final say so should lie ? ( hint : it has an oval office ?).
Could the ChimpCo be asking this through backchannels so  they can get a sure bead on the gameboard and make that play at cancelation ? Oh My...what might america do if they have trouble with TWO elections in a row ?? tsk tsk.

Jun 28, 2004

Wait... Hold that Plane !...

...... Don't let Bremer escape just yet. It seems there may be a few Billion missing from Iraq's til .
 Now how could that have happened ? maybe a little Enron style acounting ? These repubs sure love to keep messy indecipherable books so nobody can find the footprints of the money walking out the door. I think they may have a special school of (Mis)Accounting that they send their favorite bookeepers to.

The "Family Values" Crowd Loves their Hookers

Seems the Whore and Hooker Industry is bringing in tons of extra talent to NY to service the gaggles of  - oh so religious, upstanding, and family values advocates of the GOP convention. Yep they know where the bucks and business is for sure. ALl the Liars and Hypocrits will have their wallets at the ready to gladly pay for what they scorn in normal daylight.
as they say :

Clubs have started booking private parties for delegates anxious to ogle topless beauties after a day of watching fully clothed politicians boast about family values.

... I'll bet. But the real question is How many of those Christian Soldiers might be asking for a Clinton Look-alike to pop his cock in their mouths while another dominatrix reads the worst of Ann Coulter to them. Harhar.


Jun 24, 2004

Madrid Bomb Linked to RW Gov ?

Watch closely now... they are starting to find evidence that may link Aznar's Right Wing Gov to the Bombing of Madrid...a Bomb that may have backfired on them in a big way. Could it have been a ' dress rehersal' for Chimpy's idea of an "October Surprise' of his own. And where might have Aznar gotten such a bright idea as to bomb his own people in a bid to get re-elected anyhow ? It sets the mind awanderin' don't it.

THE man accused of supplying the dynamite used in the al-Qaeda train bombings in Madrid was in possession of the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad, it emerged yesterday.

Emilio Suárez Trashorras, who is alleged to have supplied 200kg of dynamite used in the bombs, had obtained the number of Juan Jesús Sánchez Manzano, the head of Tedax.

The revelation has raised fresh concerns in Madrid about links between those held responsible for the March bombings, which killed 190 people, and Spain’s security services, and shortcomings in the police investigation. Señor Suárez Trashorras and two other men implicated in the bombings have already been identified as police informers. Other members of the group had evaded police surveillance, despite concerns within the security services about their activities and evidence of their association with al-Qaeda.

The telephone number of Señor Sánchez Manzano was contained in a Civil Guard dossier handed to Juan del Olmo, the investigating judge, at the National Court in Madrid. The number was written on a piece of paper found in the possession of Carmen Toro, the wife of Señor Suárez Trashorras. Both are in custody accused of supplying dynamite used in the Madrid bombs.

Jun 23, 2004

Bush to Force Feed Pills to the Population :

Lets see, they'll start with little kids ( note: "CONSUMERS -of all ages" ) trapped in school ( pre-school !?) who have to submit to "screening" or be expelled , Then they'll force the most expensive anti-depressants on them , and THEN Bust their parents for 'child neglect' if they protest and/or refuse to keep their kids on the junk...OR better yet, get the parents on the drugs too...hell, just force anybody who protest giving the DrugCos $400/mo onto the Pills, and bill their credit cards in perpetuity... . Then slowly they can work their way up to drugging other "problem people"...like Democrats, or Workers who ask for Raises, etc.
 What a boon for the Big DrugCos.... they get the Gov to pay for all screening of " new target consumers" , The repugs get to dose ( under penalty of law) anybody who seems less than thrilled to be living in their age of fascist debauchery , and they get to nab them young'uns early, paint a big empty smile on their face, and a loose grip on those credit cards of the near future.
Maybe the screening should start in the White House ?
But yesssah...lets First be sure to keep Gawd & Eli Lilly in americas classrooms ! hail Zolof-tania !

Jun 14, 2004

"Entitlements" are only for Republicans

It looks like a simple shifting of the days and waiting to bury RayGun on Sat or a nice Sunday funeral would have saved the US $423 MILLION ! But no expense is ever spared when Republicans need to dig in the gov treasury for THEIR own 'needs" .
While the cost of the entire security framework for the former president's funeral is several million dollars, the Friday holiday for government departments will result in a loss of at least $423 million, reports the Los Angeles Times.

A day's salary for the entire federal work force is $423 million, according to the office of Personal Management.

Size Matters.....

Shocking ? Have the Scales just Tipped ?

Bloggin' from the DemoCon

Seems the DNC has given the nod of approval to let a few 'hand selected' bloggers blog from the democratic convention floor. A First ? A sign of having "come of age" for blogging ? While a nice tip of the hat , the answer is Heck No . Most of us already know that blogging is not a lowlife that needs to be 'raised' to the hieghts of 'journalism"...no no.. blogging is already a form that has surpassed  the slime that is taken for 'journalism' nowadays.
Anyway it's still good to see the bloggers inclusion.
The July convention is also the first where a carefully selected group of bloggers will be granted credentials to cover the four-day event along with the thousands of conventional journalists scheduled to descend on Boston.

"You've been doing it ever since the Revolutionary War. Of course back then, bloggers went by a different name — pamphleteers," said Eric Schnure, a former speech writer for Vice President Al Gore, who will serve as the official 2004 DNC blogger. "Dumping tea and deleting spam. They're kind of the same, don't you think?"


"Bloggers have very little interest in being part of the establishment," said Spio, editor of One2One Magazine, which is dedicated to the singles lifestyle. "The entire 'blogosphere' is founded on the basic distrust of traditional organizations."

...Besides, we KNOW there will be many many blogs already covering the DemoCon , even if not from the main floor.



Jun 9, 2004

St Ronnie : Drooling in Valhalla

 Well the Gipper has finally made his way to the gates of Hades, where hopefully he may have the legions of brown babies he helped to slay waiting for him with terra-like machine guns. Perhaps when one enters the Bardo they should relive certain moments of their lives...but from the other's perspective.

Word has it that the 'beautification" ceremonies will proceed for the next week or so, but then it may be Open Season  on the Gip as the "Armies" of the net start rummaging through all the old closets of Herr Bonzo and his regime. I'm sure you've already seen many valiant revelations in the rest of the blogworld, so i wont bore with more here...just throw a few interesting Ronnie Related links i've been hording out for perusal.
 The Net's been buzzing with goodies already :

 The "66 things to think about when entering Reagan Airport" by David Corn has been revived and passed around heartily. a nice laundry list of items thats sure to jog the mind of even the most forgetful of people who lived through the Reagan Era.
Me Pal Maddog is slowly filling out the entries with Links about the events for an even more indepth " rememberance", so do give it a look and send him any fine links you may have for the roster.

Palast seems to have a Great memory though , and needs no help with re-visualization. he gives the Gipper his Due in a touching eulogy.

Krugman, as usual, is right in the pocket with his " the Great Taxer" column.  And he raises the intertesting prospect that Reagan's Death will now bring many comparisons with the Chimpster Now in Office, and no doubt the Chimpy Will fail many of those comparisons ( we knew there had to be a silver lining in here somewhere right ?).

For the beggining of this Comparison fiesta see this awesome Vile Denouncement by Young Ron Reagan of ANY comparison of His Pop to the current Feuher Idiot in the Oval Office now. Way to Go Ron... now that kind of " beautification" i can take.

 The Guardian and Truthout also have some righteous rememberances to share. More fighters of the Massive Revisionism We're all about to be drenched in as they felate this deceased elder menace. And Joshua Green has some Big Holes to tear into the Old Gip's "legacy" too.
The Reagan Years may be a good store of some of the True Economic and Statistical Data from Reagan's Era, perhaps useful when those evil rightards start bending every truth into a boom.

For those of you wishing to wander down memory's (true) lane , The American Experience has a Pretty good Reagan Timeline of events. Go there and joggle those memories.
Looks like the GOP tricks and crap-- the takeover of Ronnie's Death as a campaign tool for starters-- is already being put into play as one can see by this Post by Pandagon . Hmmm, how is it right to BAN Democrats from the Podium during a Government PAID FOR funeral ?

 The Fight is On kiddies...dont lay down.....do it ' for the gipper" so to speak.

Jun 3, 2004

Is Bush an Al Queda Plant ?

Eric Alterman ask this sly question today. Many may say , Too silly to consider ? just a laughable joke ?...well he's lined up at least 10 good reasons that could ruffle some brows.
  1. He’s destroying the military, by overstretching its resources  and cannabalizing its trainers.
  2. He’s consorting with spies for the Axis of Evil.
  3. He may be revealing the identities of CIA agents (or at least tacitly encouraging those who do).
  4. He’s coddling “terrorists” in Iraq.
  5. He’s pursuing a policy deliberately designed to stir up hatred in the Arab world.
  6. He’s helping bin Laden recruit more terrorists and Al Qaida to fully reconstitute itself.
  7. He’s setting captured terrorists free.
  8. He seems to think up a new reason to fight someone else almost every two weeks. (complete thesis)
  9. He’s sucking up to France.
  10. Oh, and he’s trying to undermine all those silly western freedoms that the Al-Qaida folks find so annoying.
Nahhh...couldn't be...right ? ;-)

BUSHIDO : Way of the Rightards ?

At last we see the cohesive yet obscure mystical philosophy behind the totally illogical acts of Rightards everywhere :
BUSHIDO: Way of the Armchair Warrior     from the New Yorker is too funny  and worth you're read.

" Once, a group of travellers were on a perilous journey, in the course of which they had to cross a river. Unluckily, their guide forgot the location of the bridge, so the party had to ford the river, which, at the place they then found themselves, was shallow but very wide. After several minutes of wading through the icy water, the travellers began to grumble, “This guide is worthless! Let us abandon him and find another!” Sensing the discontent of his charges, the guide cleverly led them into a deeper part of the river, where the current was stronger and the footing more treacherous. “Help us!” the travellers cried. “Esteemed guide, do not abandon us!”