Dec 30, 2004

Rove Sums it Up ..

You won't find any more direct and truthful summation of what was done to our country in the past 4 years than this cartoon by Ward Sutton . It says it all , and most of america has been bitch-slapped and just rolled over and asked ' may i have another ..sir ?'.

Dec 22, 2004

No Jesus in the WhiteHouse

 the Net's abuzz with the news that our own little Elmer Gantry and the White House seem to have forgotten to put  their baby jezzzzuz into their Xmas holiday.  How Odd , and wouldn't it be funny if this hayseed hitler of a prez actually did turn out to be some kind of ' anti-christ' who actually flees from the Nazarene like Vampires flee from sunlight ? harhar.