Jun 22, 2006

"the Dark SIde" a WhiteWash for Chimpy ?

Theres an interesting thread over at the bartcop boards wondering if the Frontline " Dark Side" show might be the beggining of the propaganda cleansing of Little bunnypant's Presidentital reputation.

The rehabilitation of George W. Bush

They make some good points, and i do beileve the rancid Bush family would be holding this quest to cleanse junior as one of their top priorities now....getting filthy rich just isn't enough for that family, no, they also must have history honor and praise them for their thefts too.

Jun 15, 2006

Ligeti : a cluster in the bardo

Ligeti takes to the ether... never will there be another like him.

"POEME SYMPHONIQUE" by Gyorgy Ligeti (mp3 -27.8 MB)
Ligeti's 1962 composition for 100 metronomes..... Score here.
From David Suisman's 2002 Marathon premium "Machines vs. Music" at WFMU.

Stephan Beyst - with deeper readings of some on Ligeti's work.

"Requiem for Ligeti"

attach 83 harmonicas to 83 vaccum cleaners and set them running.
simultaneously have someone roll between all the vaccum cleaners in a wheelchair with playing cards attached to the spokes via clothes-pins ( as children used to do on their bikes).
perform for 83 minutes.

DokUni -2006