Oct 19, 2004

Voter Fraud Watch

The Village Voice has a voter fraud page up.
Throughout this election, the Voice will be gathering information and articles about allegations of voter fraud and disenfranchisement. Check this page for regular updates.

Oct 17, 2004

No Preznit left behind

But thats alright , remember Bush doesnt listen to any scholars or authorities. he just waits for the word of Jesus to come tell him who to Kill next.
Maybe he needs a "No Preznit left behind" program ?

Oct 12, 2004

Saddam gets Free Healthcare...

..... How about You !? And they also give him antibotics and perform test to make sure he doesn't have cancer. Whew..aren't we worried about Saddam's Health .  I wonder how much Free health care those Iraqi's are getting also ( along with the 5 cents / gallon Gasoline while we pay $2+/gal) ?
How many people do *I* have to gas to death to make my governement worry about me that much.