Nov 15, 2004

Devolving Intelligence

 what else would one expect from King Moron and his imaginary "mandate" ? BushCo is hard at work trying to dimantle and diable the CIA  ( my my this moron sure does hate to see intelligence anywhere in the world...perhaps it's one of those " if i can't have it , then nobody can" type modes ?) .  You see, he desperately needs to turn this agency into a big Propganda Arm that will work in synch with Madison Ave and the Big media Echo Chamber.... no more of that pesky interference from "reality" or the real deal. Not only that but this nasty bunch of fuckers admin has always had one goal that rises above all others... and that is to DESTROY any and all enemies who won't get with their ' program'.
 Will we ever be able to trust another 'war launch' in the future, with BushCo's 'designer intel' at the helms of the CIA ? forgeddaboutit !

Nov 10, 2004

Apologies to the World !

 Thousands here offer their deepest visual apologies to the world for letting this impudent Murderous Chimpanzee take hold of our country once again. What can we say ? alot of people tried very very hard , but we may all have been boondoggled again.