Jan 25, 2004

More List of Lies

You've probably seen many fine list of Lies about how we all got snookered into a fake war. But the Independent UK has just put out a nice summary of 50 lies that focus moreso on Tony Blair's distortions and deceptions.
Nice addition to the ever mounting store of evidence.

Jan 22, 2004

SOTU's Pack of LIES

The Unelected Bloodbather really thinks americans are just stupid and will believe anything he stands up and says. This state of affairs is weraing a bit thin for most citizens (and even seen in a brave "booo" fiesta by some Dems during the speech --hooray for them). More and more we are seeing our "Pres" becaome nothing more than a shoddy and ineffective used car salesman pushing his lemons.
Factcheck.org points to some of the Lies in the SOTU
And Center for American Progress has found a whopping 23 LIES !
....and the Independent-UK has some fine Numbers from the REAL SOTU address that you will never hear on TV. Stats of the REAL atrocities this ape is committing while in his stolen seat.

...And around the lies, what did we get ? for some reason the Leader of the free world is quite obcessed with making sure Gays dont marry, and that Sports figures dont take Steroids---bruhahaha--- the Chimp is indeed losing it.

Jan 16, 2004

When Monkeys gaze at the Stars...

..You can bet their not dreaming of sweet wonder. In the case of Bush's sudden interest in Mars and the Moon you can bet there's Big Bucks in it for his Corporate Goons....... Space Mining , Military Dominance, and more Corporate welfare spending to the 1st Estate even if they dont achieve their moonwalking.
This was a short topic of discussion on Democracy Now yesterday , and theres a link to the site of Bruce Gagnon who was mightily arguing the counter side of this fiasco.
It's the same model being trotted out once again, as it has been done in this country a million times.....aka 1) the Public will initially pay for everything ( thru taxes)...2) then we will give all the rights to corporations... who 3) will charge the public and arm and a leg for the products from it. I'm really sick of this " corporate welfare scam" being pulled on america.

And be sure to check out this story in the WaPo to see how the greedy whores of Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, and Boeing are chomping at the bit for this new excuse to rob national coffers via contracts.

Jan 14, 2004

NeoCons playing Kickball with the Chimp

Brad Delong has already put up a wonderful big chunk from the Suskind/O'Niell Book , "The Price of Loyalty ".....
click here for a birdseye view of how the Inner cadre of Black Demon NeoCons pushes their flabby mouthed Cowboy dunce around.

Jan 13, 2004

So Am Lips off to the Chimp

I'm sure Bush thought he'd get the "roses thrown in his path" treatment from his visit to Mexico and meeting with SA leaders, but it seems that may be working just as well as the Iraq " rose toss", as some of those Leaders gave the Chimp a mouthful instead .
some pertinent lip :
He instead heard stinging criticism that rampant free market policies had done nothing to ease poverty and had forced countries like Argentina into deep crisis.

Brazil's leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said the "Washington consensus" recipe of unfettered capitalism in Latin America in the last decade had not delivered growth and kept millions of people hungry in shanty towns and far-flung villages.

"After the 1980s -- the so-called lost decade -- the 90s was a decade of despair," he said, calling for new policies to tackle poverty directly.

"It was a perverse model that wrongly separated the economic from the social, put stability against growth and separated responsibility and justice," Lula said. "Economic stability turned its back on social justice."

The man above is singing the song of many on this globe now. A song the Bush admin and GOP-types prefer not to hear. A Song that begins to uncover the fact that these goon's style of "crony capitalism" is not working for maybe 90% of this planet ( but then it never WAS supposed to be for the other 90% anyway)... and there are alot of people who want life to change from this scam, and not just get more rhetoric and propaganda about it.

Jan 10, 2004

Pre-Emptive strike on Mars ?

Maybe Pres NumbNut thinks thats where Saddam is hiding his WMD ?
Cowboy Dreams Big with No Jingle in his pocket

...Or maybe he's looking for more Cheap labor " Aliens" to grant legal status to, so as be sure there is someone to wash his car in the year 2020 after they sap out South Am. Gotta think ahead ya know.

Jan 6, 2004

Class and Sickness, the Health of the Plutocracy

When Doctors decide to break rank and speak openly about what they see everyday it can often be astoundingly revealing. "Health and Poverty in the US" is such an article , and though a bit long is well worth the read.
Stephen Bezruchka opens a wound for all to see there, a wound that Insurance Co's have known about for a long time but are remiss to discuss... The realization that Poverty, Shame, and Stress are directly related to the levels of sickness and bad health. AND of course the "poor" suffer this triad of circumstances in much greater abundance than the wealthy, and deal with much worse health issues because of it.
In (our) Capitalist Society Poverty, Shame, and Stress are important levers used to make the mechanism work...Used to goose production..And used to keep consumption, and fear of not being able to consume, at all time highs. So of course these fine "virtues" should never have their names publicly darkened by any revelation that they might be KILLING YOU ( and many other portions of the populace) also. Nope....gotta keep the carney game running at all cost.

Cross those revelations on "Class-health" with the ruminations by Paul Krugman in this article , wherein he decries the Loss of Mobility for the average american citizen to change " class' ... A Mobility that has shrunken immensely under the present Bushista regime.... And we can have some ugly conclusions.

America is more and moreso becoming one big Mad Cow farm where certain classes are locked into the pen and awaiting slaughter or death by disease without hope of reprieve. But they remain fully entertained and believing in the propaganda that they too can be " anything they want " . And all the while Repuglican policies push us ever more toward a hardened caste society --- tighter pens -- less escape routes --- the "death of the american dream" even ( which IS OPEN SOCIAL MOBILITY if you didn't know it). And remember... the " downers" don't get any health plan... they just get hauled off to become dinner for other cows.

Jan 1, 2004

The (Real) Year that was--2003

Before you start drowning in the flood of honey & light 2003 year-end retrospectives that the Media is no doubt cooking up, perhaps you'd like a retrospective thats a little closer to the truth :
Working for Change's 2003 in the rearview mirror
Thats only part 1... and a slight grazing of the atrocities that went on this past year. We can hardly wait for part 2.

And Alternet has actually found
10 Good things about 2003