Jan 22, 2004

SOTU's Pack of LIES

The Unelected Bloodbather really thinks americans are just stupid and will believe anything he stands up and says. This state of affairs is weraing a bit thin for most citizens (and even seen in a brave "booo" fiesta by some Dems during the speech --hooray for them). More and more we are seeing our "Pres" becaome nothing more than a shoddy and ineffective used car salesman pushing his lemons.
Factcheck.org points to some of the Lies in the SOTU
And Center for American Progress has found a whopping 23 LIES !
....and the Independent-UK has some fine Numbers from the REAL SOTU address that you will never hear on TV. Stats of the REAL atrocities this ape is committing while in his stolen seat.

...And around the lies, what did we get ? for some reason the Leader of the free world is quite obcessed with making sure Gays dont marry, and that Sports figures dont take Steroids---bruhahaha--- the Chimp is indeed losing it.