Jan 16, 2004

When Monkeys gaze at the Stars...

..You can bet their not dreaming of sweet wonder. In the case of Bush's sudden interest in Mars and the Moon you can bet there's Big Bucks in it for his Corporate Goons....... Space Mining , Military Dominance, and more Corporate welfare spending to the 1st Estate even if they dont achieve their moonwalking.
This was a short topic of discussion on Democracy Now yesterday , and theres a link to the site of Bruce Gagnon who was mightily arguing the counter side of this fiasco.
It's the same model being trotted out once again, as it has been done in this country a million times.....aka 1) the Public will initially pay for everything ( thru taxes)...2) then we will give all the rights to corporations... who 3) will charge the public and arm and a leg for the products from it. I'm really sick of this " corporate welfare scam" being pulled on america.

And be sure to check out this story in the WaPo to see how the greedy whores of Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, and Boeing are chomping at the bit for this new excuse to rob national coffers via contracts.