Nov 6, 2003

PigWoman gets a Payday

Well isn't it lovely that this sow* Linda Tripp, who specializes in nosing into others rights by taping their guarded conversations, now gets a big check for having HER rights minorly trampled upon...tsk tsk... still the same old Rightard Moto " the worst can be done onto others...But not unto me...nah ahhh ".

Sow* at the trough !

And just a speculation here, but we may have stumbled upon the latest in creative accounting tricks to show it's face.
Just suppose I hire someone to do a dirty deed for me--- and I don't want to pay them out of my OWN cash -- I'd rather have " the company" or corporation I run pay for it instead --- perhaps I could order my Co to purposely make a minor infraction against the dirty deed person ( who is also an employee at my Co)--- and inform the Dirty Deeder that they will have to collect by SUING my company -- then after some hedging to make it look good , I order my Company to defer on the suit and payoff with a settlement.
I would have just managed to move an Illegal Cost onto the official company books, and turned it into a Legal Cost fully accounted for -- and payed by some other entity ( my corp..) out of it's pocket instead of mine.
We've heard much about " Black-Ops" ( aka: keeping secret accounts for payment of items)-- but what might this odd variance be called ? " White-Ops" ? where one purposely moves " Secret Ops" payments into the " light of day" of legal accounting without even a whisper. Very Innovative I;d say....and all the more relevant when we realize that this kind of " Out of the air Self funding" was the specialty of the " Junk Bond Kings" of old.... people who specialized in using a corporations OWN assets against itself for hostile takeovers. Indeed they were bookkeeping geniuses in that sense. And sayyy.... What was that Mike Milken doing meeting with Ken Lay, Arnold the Musclehead, and others awhile back.... But never you mind that...I'm getting a bit off my main track.
In the instance above just replace the Dirty Deed Hirer-er and ( currently) manager of the corp. with the GOP--- the dirty deeder with Linda--- and the Company Books with our US Taxpayer filled Gov funds, and you get the picture of what may be happening here. The Bush's and Clan specialize in Looting our Treasury in the slimiest of manners.

Note: this little trick would also throw a nice little fee to those evil Trial Lawyers that the GOP claims to hate so much. Oh well, as long as it's for THEM to get something done i guess they dont mind shoving a little payola to their pals in that industry along the way.

Always keep an eye on the Pigs when Payday rolls around.

* by request