Sep 19, 2003

Dis-Assembling the Dissembling

As the crookedest man to ever hold the White house, and his legion of lying carpetbagger seconds, stepped up to the mics of the world this week and practically admitted that they had LIED the US into a War ! :
Bush and team say No connection between Iraq and al Queda !
Now of course the game begins once again to "get the hard goods" on where Chimp&Co actually did something more than IMPLY that Iraq was in bed with Bin Laden . No doubt this Admin will try to play the " geee we're sorry america misunderstood... but we never said that.... did we dick ? naww I don't think so".
Rightards work very hard on their "dissembling" tactics --- like picking their words very carefully to make sure they can deny at a later date, what they "implied" earlier. This kind of crap wouldn't be able to go on IF we had a Media that wasn't in bed with this administration, and would actually stand up and ask for clarification in REAL TIME as the allegations are made.
But the Folks at DemoUnderground have come across what Could turn out to be the " smoking gun" on this issue.But they may be wrong about it smoking... nonetheless the search is on to unmask this scumbag admin and another in it's long list of lies.
Check their thread on :
Bush's Congressional resolution to congress

Another addition to the " smoking gun" files just in from Tim Maddog.... this one alluding to This Admin being " Hot for Hussain" in the first minutes after 911 ( as told by Wesley Clark no less).
Discussion at Morons org
The original article they're discussing

The Fix has been in with this admin since the beggining. They're taking any crisis that presenets itself and using it to accomplish their own pre-determined agenda . Somebody should be drawing up the impeachment papers on this presidential fraud as we speak.