Aug 30, 2003

Blackout on the "Blackout" ?

My How fast the inbred media just whirls past current events of note. it seems the blackout has just faded from america's screens with the snap of a finger, even though that event brought to the fore many of the imbedded problems people will face with this admin ( and it's hardon for De-regulation-ism) and has shown that the event has roots into many other stories currently going on.
Here's a few links i had saved on this affair, and wanted to get up here before i lose or delete them :

First energy was nailed as the origin of this roll of blackout, and below is an article that speaks of the current troubles that comapny had been having leading up to the event:

FIRST ENERGY's ball of troubles

Some disussion of how Bush Cronies may have been responsible for starting the event :
Cronies pulling the plugs?

And then we see that some FREC officials just happened to be in the control room at First Energy when the shockwave erupted ! :
Lowmen at the dials

Krugman tuned in on how DEREGULATION may just be the problem :
The Road to Ruin

"California-fi-cation" ?---could they be working up another one , but for the whole country this time ? are many of the same players behind the scenes again ?
Ahnuuuld, Lay,Junk Bond Milken (milkin'), and the low men arise

And of course the first thing this admin suggest to resolve the prob is to RAISE RATES !

Gouge the Victims

And of course Repugs stand firmly in the way of any Bill that might fix only the "grid"-- they will only pass a " Comprehensive PORK" bill, or the whole Cheney " Energy Bill".
Only PORK need apply--let the masses eat darkness for all we care

And even though Dregulation may be the big Problem here---of course the " energy Bill" is just jam packed with more of the Problem dressed-up as the solution !
Energy Bill would lead to MORE deregulation

Gasoline prices are on the rise, and it looks like the carpetbaggers are setting the US up to have Electrical & Nat Gas prices Gouged too ! indeed the want a " comprehensive" Gouging like the greedy bastards they are.
they're setting up another "California-fication" for the whole country i believe.

Enjoy that Juice while ya got it !