Aug 11, 2003

Fostering " Terra" Worldwide..... country at a time ? Maybe that should be the Bush Admin's main logo ?
You see now we may have real NUKE trouble in the mid east thanks to BuchCo. it seems Black Market Uranium Sales have started to flourish in Iraq now.

Getya Iraqi Uranium for Sale here

Well it seems "our boys" were so busy rushing off to guard the Oil Wells as their first duty, that ( along with silly things like Museums et al ) they just Forgot all about maybe guarding the Nuclear Energy Plants too. tsk tsk.
It may be about time that the naysayers start to consider that This Admin is in the business of PROPAGATING TERRA around the globe. Mostly by pumping up the Black Markets worldwide. Seems there was a problem with the Taliban putting a big dent in the Afghan Opium we went and "fixed" that ( Now the Opium is allegedly flowing at almost unprecedented rates again)...Now we had another convient country where the Iron Fist of it's dictator may have been hampering Thier Black Market flows too----so voila !... the " fixer" comes on the scene ?

Many might think it farfetched, but it's worth considering that maybe this whole Admin is really about Opening. expanding, and revitalizing Black Markets and underground trade lines all over the world.
Fostering "Terra" a little more each day. Because HEY...nobody has done as much for BushCo as "terra"--you've got to admit.