Jul 31, 2003

Manufacturing "Confidence"

Well it seems this Admin of " Confidence men " has their platoons of Corporate Soldiers busy trying to Paste up the obvious holes in the economic picture once again.
On the 29jul we got the news that the Traditional Conumer Confidence Index ( the one followed by the REAL world!) had dropped sharply.... showing Joe& Jane america are starting to see that the economy has been quite sucky lately ( thank you chimpy pres !) :

Consumer Confidence falls

some quotes from that article :

" The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index, which measures perceptions of economic conditions, fell to 76.6 in July from 83.5 a month earlier, its lowest level since March. The index, which jumped 17 points in April following the Iraq war, has now fallen for two straight months.

Economists, who had predicted a small increase in the confidence level, said the rise in unemployment to 6.4% last month led to consumer doubts about a turnaround.

The job outlook remains the one element absent from this recovery, said Kim Rupert ... "

and the market took a plunge ( as it should !) for you see the market folks know about this pure bullshit being layed down called a " jobless recovery" by the chimp's admin--- they know that those " job laden people " make up 2/3 rds of all US spending ( and therefore profits) and if they accidentally crack their rose colored glasses that spending may drop suddenly. very bad news for people trying to make a buck.

WELL... not to be outdone and have any truth assail the Bungling Chimp's "recovery" it looks they hauled out the one of their Corporate buddies to try and counter this " crack" in confidence--- yes, the next day ABC News put out it's OWN Consumer confidence poll and say CC is UP ! and low and behold as a matter of fact those unemployed bill payers are just happy as all heck to be sliding into the Red Lagoon and drowning .

ABC-We make our OWN NEWS the way WE like it !

Now does this kind of padding and " dissembling" work on Joe&Jane America---well it shouldnt, because it sure didnt work on the Markets, which just huddled in a trench of ignoring ABC for the day.

DO yourself a favor--- and YOU ignore them too !