Jul 28, 2003

Basic Training in RedAssin' Rightards !

it's been quite ashame lately to see the Left falling all over itself and dribbling ineffective twaddle when up against the rampant LIES and vulgar innanities spouted by Rightards for well over two years now. What has happened ? Are most just Brain Dead ? Have they forgotten WHAT they're fighting for.. and WHO they're fighting ? or do they just enjoy being whipped publically by a "daddy" figure from their faded dreams ?
Whatever the Reason...it simply WILL NOT DO ! and luckily some fine folks have put together what i'd consider a GREAT basic training manual on Debating, Debunking, and Disembowling any Dittoheads or Fasco-monkeys that may brazenly cross your airspace in day to day life.
REQUIRED READING in the land of LIES :

Conceptual Guerilla Strategy & Tactics

read ALL the articles along the left side and study them well so you may know how to skin and flay Monkeys next time they crash your gate.
These people ( and a few others) are hip to the fact that we are no longer in a coy game of possibly " converting" wayward rightist with balanced argument and ideals, No , we are Now in Civil War and all Leftist main duty is to psychologically abuse, fight back, call the right's lies out loud, and leave as many disgraced & beaten monkey carcases on the battlefield as possible.

The articles at that Link will bring you a long way down the " shining path".