Aug 21, 2003

Who needs them Rights anyway ?

get your T-shirts for the St John of Ashcroft " No Rights" tour 2003. he's canvasing the country and talking mostly to the chior of already converted nazis, harping about how his demolition of basic human and constitutional rights is really harmless affair.
After all...who needs them rights anyhow... when you have " security" instead.

Ashcroft plugs the gulag life

The gov shills have even set up their own propganda website where they try to argue against the shrill howls that are starting to develop ( even amongst rightards !) about how low our rights have fallen--if you enjoy such mendacious fare you can get it over here :

Gov Shills argue for the rights grab

AT bottom we're talking about man here ( ashcroft) who has made it his life's goal to REWRITE the Constitution ( more favorable to the Xtian GOD no doubt--as he is a religious nut par excellance')....

this quote from a molly Ivins article sums it up quite well :

" And what could be better than the insouciance with which the attorney general himself approaches the Constitution? During his six years in the Senate, he tried to proposed no fewer than SEVEN constitutional amendments. Since we've only managed to amend it 17 times in the last 200 years (that's leaving out the Bill of Rights), it's an impressive record. Of course, one of John Ashcroft's proposed amendments was to make it easier to amend."
-----Molly Ivins,

... and this most devious of Admins has actually given this Xtian Nut the ability to do so.