Aug 16, 2003

BLACKOUT --- somebody flipping the switches ?

could it have been a first shot across the bow signaling the " Californi-fi-cation" or " Enron-i-zation" of big NY ?

Greg Palast has a few things to say about that and i nice bit of history on the Power Thieves

And might we be seeing another Play by the BushCo stooges here ?---after all another writer has spoken some truth thusly :

" Given the track record of these thugs in the White House, I'm wondering if this isn't some kind of a staged event to make us another "offer we can't refuse", especially when the Bushies have the crime, the culprit and the solution before the dust even settles.
The method of operation on these things for the Bush Administration seems to always include the following:

1) An actual catrostophic event, or threat of one, that is used to instill fear into the public.

2) Placing blame or responsibility for the event on a scape goat of choice.

3) An IMMEDIATE offer of a "sure fire solution" to the problem.(one that always serves the GOP best).

4) A warning to the public that if the solution is not accepted, the "event will happen again or get worse".

It seems that GOP always uses these four ingredients, or something like them, to force their agenda onto the American public.

It's the GOP pattern: crisis, blame and "if you don't let us do exactly what we want, we're all toast"! "

I couldn't have put it better myself !