Sep 8, 2003

State of the Art LYING !

Those who know me know of my fond interest in not only the politics of this Fascism wave sweeping our land, but the Fundamental Psychology & Sociological techniques used by authoritarian to hoist this canard upon groups of people. One good inroad to revelation in that area is to look at the "anatomy of Lies" and their structures that are being used ( and allegedly accepted by the volks) to pass this off.

Along those lines Josh Marshall had a nice piece in the WashMo exposing some of the basic pattern of Deception used by Bush & his Admin :
The Post-Modern President
Definitely worth a read to be aware of the particular " style" of Lying this admin is laying down.

Here's a short list of the techniques he extrapolates in his article :

1)pass off preexisting agenda items as solutions to particular problems with which, for the most part, they have no real connection. Invoking the problem of the moment to sell a predetermined policy agenda.

2) Use a confidently expressed, but currently undisprovable assertion ,a forthright speaking style which convinces many people that they're telling the truth even when they're lying.But there was no way to know for sure if it is a Lie unless we did what They wanted.

3) Things go wrong ?-- make yet more confidently expressed, but currently undisprovable assertions.

4)ridicule the possibility that a given policy might actually have its predictable adverse consequences,... deny those consequences once they have already occurred... or--failing that-- insist against all evidence that those consequences were part of the plan all along.

5) use strong incentive to delegitimize the experts....Revisionist ideologues seek to expose "the facts" as nothing more than the spin of experts blinded by their own unacknowledged biases.For them, ignoring the experts and their 'facts' is not only necessary to advance their agenda, but a virtuous effort in the service of a higher cause.

6)This same tendency to dismiss expertise shaped the whole war effort....Expert analysis that isn't politically helpful simply gets ignored.

Don't Fall for these forms of Deception people !