Sep 4, 2003

Egging the Governator ?

Poor Ahhnuld can't seem to catch a break in his vaunted grab at trying to be King of California. First he ducks out like a little chicken sissy from the Debate , then some fine citizen ( and model for us all-ha) flings an Egg onto him as he's about to spew his vacuous pablum upon the masses.
Hasta La Vista... Embryo

And then the poor dunderhead cant think of anything to do but ask for Bacon with a side of 1st amendment rights.
. "This guy owes me bacon now," he joked later. "I mean there's no two ways about it because, I mean, you can't just have eggs without bacon. But this is all part of, you know, the free speech."

This recall gets funnier by the day. It's my impression that it will be voted down simply because the whole thing has become such a circus.