Oct 6, 2003

On the Eve of Grand Larceny

Well from the looks of the whorish media coverage ( and i do mean COVER-age , as in deflecting moral outrage away from Arnie's grope-a-holia ) it looks like the Rightards may Railroad their Musclehead fool into being the " Governator" of poor california on Tuesday's vote. The same pariahs of non-democratic , but Plutocratic rule are going to take over the world's 6 th largest economy to pull more "enronization" tactics on the citizens therein. hey why not ? They have already used their pure lies to commandeer the worlds largest Military for use as their personal, free-of- charge , Mecenary unit for looting and protecting private corporate intrest around the globe... and have parlayed that first chip into an all out theft of the worlds Second largest Oil Reserve on the planet , while at the same time making sure that ANYBODY who dare speak against them might suffer the branding of a " Traitor".
Why stop now ?... especially since even if the masses dont actually vote for the muscleheaded buffoon, they can just FIX the ballots. " By Hook or by Crook" as the old saying goes... and we Know these boys have found " by Crook" to work much better for them !
This sham of Defeated Democracy could only be carried out under a totally mindfucked populace. One has a hard time thinking the majority might vote for the Groping-Doping-Musclehead, who has been KNOWN to have been meeting and plotting with the TRUE people who screwed calif , and give him the power to let the jackles run roughshod over the Golden state once again.
There may be ugly days a coming for you california.... and ugly days for us all , if enough of you proper minded voters dont show up and shout this Sham of Larceny down.

Otherwise...have your rights step aside, and let Taco Bell and it's ilk rule you forevermore.