Oct 1, 2003

Top of the Censored Heap

Project Censored.org has just released it's latest list of Top 25 Censored Media stories of 2002-2003 and a pretty damning list it is. Of course with THIS admin's penchant for secrecy i'm sure the list could been a top 100 or even a Top 1000 stories that have been censored away from the people's eyes.
What is heartening to note is that many of the topics listed as censored WERE actually well discussed and talked about in the "Lefty" world of Blogs and BBs . Things like : The Neocon plan for dominance, Homeland Security stomping our rights , US removing pages from the Iraq reports , the move to gut unions , the failed Bush Coup in Venezuela , and a many others got loud howls and discussion on " Lefty-net". I take this as a good sign that the NET actually IS making a difference in people finding and digging for the news that THEY care most about, AND also cutting the legs off of much of the " censor's" power to keep these things hidden.

Rock on Lefty-Net....You RULZ . ha