Jan 6, 2004

Class and Sickness, the Health of the Plutocracy

When Doctors decide to break rank and speak openly about what they see everyday it can often be astoundingly revealing. "Health and Poverty in the US" is such an article , and though a bit long is well worth the read.
Stephen Bezruchka opens a wound for all to see there, a wound that Insurance Co's have known about for a long time but are remiss to discuss... The realization that Poverty, Shame, and Stress are directly related to the levels of sickness and bad health. AND of course the "poor" suffer this triad of circumstances in much greater abundance than the wealthy, and deal with much worse health issues because of it.
In (our) Capitalist Society Poverty, Shame, and Stress are important levers used to make the mechanism work...Used to goose production..And used to keep consumption, and fear of not being able to consume, at all time highs. So of course these fine "virtues" should never have their names publicly darkened by any revelation that they might be KILLING YOU ( and many other portions of the populace) also. Nope....gotta keep the carney game running at all cost.

Cross those revelations on "Class-health" with the ruminations by Paul Krugman in this article , wherein he decries the Loss of Mobility for the average american citizen to change " class' ... A Mobility that has shrunken immensely under the present Bushista regime.... And we can have some ugly conclusions.

America is more and moreso becoming one big Mad Cow farm where certain classes are locked into the pen and awaiting slaughter or death by disease without hope of reprieve. But they remain fully entertained and believing in the propaganda that they too can be " anything they want " . And all the while Repuglican policies push us ever more toward a hardened caste society --- tighter pens -- less escape routes --- the "death of the american dream" even ( which IS OPEN SOCIAL MOBILITY if you didn't know it). And remember... the " downers" don't get any health plan... they just get hauled off to become dinner for other cows.