Jan 13, 2004

So Am Lips off to the Chimp

I'm sure Bush thought he'd get the "roses thrown in his path" treatment from his visit to Mexico and meeting with SA leaders, but it seems that may be working just as well as the Iraq " rose toss", as some of those Leaders gave the Chimp a mouthful instead .
some pertinent lip :
He instead heard stinging criticism that rampant free market policies had done nothing to ease poverty and had forced countries like Argentina into deep crisis.

Brazil's leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said the "Washington consensus" recipe of unfettered capitalism in Latin America in the last decade had not delivered growth and kept millions of people hungry in shanty towns and far-flung villages.

"After the 1980s -- the so-called lost decade -- the 90s was a decade of despair," he said, calling for new policies to tackle poverty directly.

"It was a perverse model that wrongly separated the economic from the social, put stability against growth and separated responsibility and justice," Lula said. "Economic stability turned its back on social justice."

The man above is singing the song of many on this globe now. A song the Bush admin and GOP-types prefer not to hear. A Song that begins to uncover the fact that these goon's style of "crony capitalism" is not working for maybe 90% of this planet ( but then it never WAS supposed to be for the other 90% anyway)... and there are alot of people who want life to change from this scam, and not just get more rhetoric and propaganda about it.