Oct 31, 2005

Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index - 2005

Reporters without Borders has rerleased it's Press Freedom Index for 2005 , and America is slipping down toward the bottom with all those other Dictatorial regimes, many of whom it now claims as pals ( Pakistan, Suadi Arabia, Vietnam, China,Libya..etc).

The report ranked the United States in 44th place, an atomic drop from a favorable position of 22nd held last year, and from a handsome 17th place in 2002.

Shit...it shows El Salvador and Bosnia as ranking higher in press freedom than the US !
The "Dane" countries still come in on top for their unbounded freedom of press ( Denmark, Finland,Iceland,Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, etc).

Note to Maddog : Taiwan at 52 ?...well at least yall beat out Botswana..harhar

Oct 20, 2005

Loading the Plastic

The Plastic Safety Net presents findings from a national survey of households with credit card debt commissioned by Demos and the Center for Responsible Lending. The survey consisted of 1,150 phone interviews with low- and middle-income households whose incomes fell between 50 percent and 120 percent of local median income. In order to participate in the survey, a household had to have credit card debt for three months or longer at the time of the survey.

PDF study