Feb 7, 2004

A Sprinkle of Links

Krugman Reviewsa couple of the latest Bush Bash books.
Calpundit shows us where some of the "O'Neill" papers used in Suskind's book will be put online ...yippee.
Bush pay his own cronies a big time fee, out of OUR tax money , to run Ads on TV about his Latest Medifraud Bill. Now thats Repub Ju-Jitsu... they will use your OWN money against you to try and make you believe that their schemes are actually good for you, mr american citizen. Ha.
The latest "404" joke is pretty good ! haha.

Feb 2, 2004

The Evil Idea is Back...

Oh christ on a crutch... if you thought things weren't bad enough, don't look now but some big names may be trying to revive this ATROCIOUS idea of CHARGING a Per EMAIL fee...yes an " Email Stamp". Gee who'd have thought Bill gates would be all for it ? but i am ashamed that Yahoo would also throw their name into this rip-off scheme.

NYT article - "Gates backs Email Stamp" here

OF course they're claiming they would be doing this for YOU ! Not their own pockets. the claim is that it "would help stop Spam ". Well i've got news for them----*I* have No "Spam problem" and never did....mainly because i have always been an " aware" netsurfer and conciously defended myself against such " addy grabbing" by spammers...so i see no reason that *I* should have to pay an Email tax to help protect idiots who dont know how to control their mailboxes... they should have to live with their Spam.