Feb 2, 2004

The Evil Idea is Back...

Oh christ on a crutch... if you thought things weren't bad enough, don't look now but some big names may be trying to revive this ATROCIOUS idea of CHARGING a Per EMAIL fee...yes an " Email Stamp". Gee who'd have thought Bill gates would be all for it ? but i am ashamed that Yahoo would also throw their name into this rip-off scheme.

NYT article - "Gates backs Email Stamp" here

OF course they're claiming they would be doing this for YOU ! Not their own pockets. the claim is that it "would help stop Spam ". Well i've got news for them----*I* have No "Spam problem" and never did....mainly because i have always been an " aware" netsurfer and conciously defended myself against such " addy grabbing" by spammers...so i see no reason that *I* should have to pay an Email tax to help protect idiots who dont know how to control their mailboxes... they should have to live with their Spam.