Mar 22, 2004

Dick Clarke's Bush Pinata !!

SLam that mutha til' he's blue Richard , but don't expect any candy to fall out....only Lies , deciept , self-serving greed , and a total disregard for what might actually be BEST for really protecting the american people from " terra". Clarke is spilling it all in his new book , which i hear is also in the top 5 sellers on amazon ( ?).....yessiree, people know good reading when they see it. haha.
ANd the rebuttal from the White House ?? you guessed it... the same old same old "disgruntled employee" line... AND the disingenuous suggestion that Bush's CHEIF of Terrorism ( and a man that has served under 4 persidents in his life's career in the WH) was nothing but a lackey pizza boy who was out of the loop...yeah right.
The assertions claimed in Clarke's books SHOULD be enough to start investigations and proceedings into an IMPEACHMENT for this lying scumbag who has stolen our house and honor as a nation , but you can be sure the lapdog media will do all they can to disappear this story as soon as they can and give the Texas Feuher yet another free walk....lets hope it may grow "legs" instead.

Taiwan's Rumbling Rightards

My Man Maddog , who's a long time dweller on the isle of taiwan , has been blogging his views on the despicable temper tantrum "recall" the rightist KMT party has been trying to pull in the last legal election. Give him some visits for some updates and thoughts on the affair.

Mar 18, 2004

The Ghost of Free Markets ...

Thom Hartmann has written a fine article over at AlterNet -- Free Markets Debunked wherein he raises many pertinent questions about that central religion of the rightards.
Can there be any true "Free" Market ?...and...
If The Gov serves a role somewhat akin to a referee , then WHO would mainly want the referee to be " a beast " ?
People better think hard on these Questions.

Mar 17, 2004

Who's a Flip-Flopper ?

Since Bush is doing nothing but accusing Kerry of "flip-flopping" in his current ad smears, Here's a Great List of just SOME of the Chimp's BEST Flips & Flops ( or better known as covering you're lying ass)...pulled from the newsgroups ( thanks to that author ..whoever sHe may be).

Great Bush Flip-Flops :

FLIP: Bush opposes campaign finance reform.
FLOP: Bush signs campaign finance reform.

FLIP: Bush opposes and stalls a 9/11 commission.
FLOP: Bush supports it.

FLIP: Bush is against deficits
FLOP: Bush's policies create the highest deficits ever.

FLIP: Bush is against nation building.
FLOP: Bush engages in it.

FLIP: Bush opposes an Iraq WMD investigation.
FLOP: Bush grudgingly supports it.

FLIP: Bush is for free trade.
FLOP: Bush supports tariffs on steel.

FLIP: Bush is against a Homeland Security Department
FLOP: Bush takes credit for it.

FLIP: Bush is for states' right to decide on gay marriage.
FLOP: Bush then proposes amending the Constitution so they can't.

FLIP: Bush is against the U.S. taking a role in the Israeli
Palestinian conflict.
FLOP: Bush then pushes for a "road map" and a Palestinian State.

FLIP: Bush says he'll provide money for first responders (fire,
police, emergency).
FLOP: Bush dramatically shortchanges law enforcement.

FLIP: Bush in 2001-"The most important thing is for us to find
Osama bin Laden."
FLOP: Bush in 2002-"I don't know where he is. I have no idea and
I really don't care."

FLIP: Bush says he'll take care of the environment.
FLOP: Bush then guts laws that protect the environment.

FLIP: Bush talks about helping education.
FLOP: Bush increases mandates while cutting funding.

FLIP: Bush goes to Bob Jones University.
FLOP: Bush then says he shouldn't have.

FLIP: Bush said he would demand a U.N. Security Council vote
on whether to sanction military action against Iraq.
FLOP: Bush then changes his mind and announced he would not
call for a vote.

FLIP: Bush said the "mission accomplished" banner was put up
by the sailors.
FLOP: Bush later blames his advance team.

FLIP: Bush says he was never arrested after 1968.
FLOP: Bush admits 1976 drunk driving conviction.

FLIP: Bush says he has been "very candid" about his past.
FLOP: Bush refuses to answer any question about drug use.

FLIP: Bush says he would have gone to Vietnam if called.
FLOP: Guard papers show he declined any overseas duty.

FLIP: Bush promised an "open, honest" administration.
FLOP: Bush sets new records in government secrecy
and censorship.


..and the bleat goes on !

Mar 16, 2004

The Heights of Hypocrisy :

The most secretive Vice President prick in the most secretive administration EVER , now claims "we have a right to Know" which foriegn leaders are supporting Kerry ? Cheney-- the man who fought to the mat the right to keep his Energy Commission papers SECRET ?
No DICK... what " we" have a right to know is WHO was pulling your strings at a time when our national and foriegn agenda was being forged in the backrooms.
Sit on it --Dick !

Mar 14, 2004

Stern finally Bangs some BUSH !

.... and Salon says he has 8 MILLION potential convertees out there to bring back from the dark side.
This is nice , as Bush continues alienating all kinds of semi-marginal voter blocks by trying to appease his Selfish Bible Bangin' Xian contingent...he's really gonna lose it.
The Bigoted Repubs are starting to show their true face now as they have Openly declared :
* The War on "Naughty Entertainment " ( aka--anything THEY dont like)...and
* The War against " Homos"
What will they add next to the list ? and how many more marginalized as their eyes get pried open.

Slammin' Points on Defense

Atrios has a nice concise roundup of the Talking Points ( Arguing Points!) against the rightards who are no doubt gonna try and use Bush's Defense record as the ONLY plank they have to stand on.... See them and remember them well , and don't fail to assault any Bushbot with them who comes at you with the total bullshit that the moron Bush has handled this "terra threat" with anything but imbecility and disregard.
Other Links from there lead to the debate about why Kerry Should be slamming bush on this issue NOW.

Mar 9, 2004

Letting the Terrorist Walk...

Why oh why does the evil chimp BushCo admin keep giving terrorist a free walk !? Looks like he may have done it again if This Story carries the truth.
Must BE the Evil bastards just refuse to fight with any Cheap and Effective action that might truly make a difference...NO... they only do MEGA-WARS---with MEGA price tags-- and MEGA bucks flowing into their pals pockets--and MEGA caskets for all those caught in the crossfire of this bezerk fascist administration.