Mar 22, 2004

Dick Clarke's Bush Pinata !!

SLam that mutha til' he's blue Richard , but don't expect any candy to fall out....only Lies , deciept , self-serving greed , and a total disregard for what might actually be BEST for really protecting the american people from " terra". Clarke is spilling it all in his new book , which i hear is also in the top 5 sellers on amazon ( ?).....yessiree, people know good reading when they see it. haha.
ANd the rebuttal from the White House ?? you guessed it... the same old same old "disgruntled employee" line... AND the disingenuous suggestion that Bush's CHEIF of Terrorism ( and a man that has served under 4 persidents in his life's career in the WH) was nothing but a lackey pizza boy who was out of the loop...yeah right.
The assertions claimed in Clarke's books SHOULD be enough to start investigations and proceedings into an IMPEACHMENT for this lying scumbag who has stolen our house and honor as a nation , but you can be sure the lapdog media will do all they can to disappear this story as soon as they can and give the Texas Feuher yet another free walk....lets hope it may grow "legs" instead.