Sep 27, 2005

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

Reporters without Borders has an excellent guiodebook out on how to stay on the ' downlow' while telling your bloggy truths.

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

Sep 11, 2005

Pickles Gives Katrina Pep Talk...

Another great chunk of MP3 from the Mike Malloy show.

Pickles--Direct mp3 download

Sep 3, 2005


If you haven't heard Mike Malloy's radio show thru the past week of Hurricane Terror, You SIMPLY must tune in for some of the best Rant and Context on this disaster you've ever heard... he was in top form !
MM archives :
The White Rose Society - Mike Malloy Show Page

Direct Mp3s :
Thur -1st

The Giggling Murderer strikes again !

One of those "looters' for ya......

A Fuckin HERO , yet they'll probably throw him in jail......
Jabbor Gibson--HERO

HOUSTON -- Thousands of refugees of Hurricane Katrina were transported to the Astrodome in Houston this week. In an extreme act of looting, one group actually stole a bus to escape ravaged areas in Louisiana.

About 100 people packed into the stolen bus. They were the first to enter the Houston Astrodome, but they weren't exactly welcomed.

The big yellow school bus wasn't expected or approved to pass through the stadium's gates. Randy Nathan, who was on the bus, said they were desperate to get out of town.

"If it werent for him right there," he said, "we'd still be in New Orleans underwater. He got the bus for us."

Eighteen-year-old Jabbor Gibson jumped aboard the bus as it sat abandoned on a street in New Orleans and took control.

"I just took the bus and drove all the way hours straight,' Gibson admitted. "I hadn't ever drove a bus."

Tim has More for ya on exactly where such "looting" waves come from.