Aug 30, 2003

Blackout on the "Blackout" ?

My How fast the inbred media just whirls past current events of note. it seems the blackout has just faded from america's screens with the snap of a finger, even though that event brought to the fore many of the imbedded problems people will face with this admin ( and it's hardon for De-regulation-ism) and has shown that the event has roots into many other stories currently going on.
Here's a few links i had saved on this affair, and wanted to get up here before i lose or delete them :

First energy was nailed as the origin of this roll of blackout, and below is an article that speaks of the current troubles that comapny had been having leading up to the event:

FIRST ENERGY's ball of troubles

Some disussion of how Bush Cronies may have been responsible for starting the event :
Cronies pulling the plugs?

And then we see that some FREC officials just happened to be in the control room at First Energy when the shockwave erupted ! :
Lowmen at the dials

Krugman tuned in on how DEREGULATION may just be the problem :
The Road to Ruin

"California-fi-cation" ?---could they be working up another one , but for the whole country this time ? are many of the same players behind the scenes again ?
Ahnuuuld, Lay,Junk Bond Milken (milkin'), and the low men arise

And of course the first thing this admin suggest to resolve the prob is to RAISE RATES !

Gouge the Victims

And of course Repugs stand firmly in the way of any Bill that might fix only the "grid"-- they will only pass a " Comprehensive PORK" bill, or the whole Cheney " Energy Bill".
Only PORK need apply--let the masses eat darkness for all we care

And even though Dregulation may be the big Problem here---of course the " energy Bill" is just jam packed with more of the Problem dressed-up as the solution !
Energy Bill would lead to MORE deregulation

Gasoline prices are on the rise, and it looks like the carpetbaggers are setting the US up to have Electrical & Nat Gas prices Gouged too ! indeed the want a " comprehensive" Gouging like the greedy bastards they are.
they're setting up another "California-fication" for the whole country i believe.

Enjoy that Juice while ya got it !

Bush "Gassing his own People " ?

We've heard the chimp say numerous times how Saddam " gassing his own people" was just about the most evil thing a "ruler" could do , right ? Well what are we to make of this Burning os SARIN GAS into the atmosphere, Near Birmingham, AL-- an area not only goodly populated--but about 44% populated by those " kurds of the south", Black People ?

Chimpy says "let em eat poision gas"

of course that article is very shallow, and alledgedly leaves out the story of a long history of people in that area that have been fighting against this "prescibed burn" by the military. But then of course since the CHimp is in office now, anything goes for the destructors of man & land.

Aug 21, 2003

Wave the flag..and SHORT our Troops

As another prime example of the Cheapass Repugs talking out of one side of their ass and shitting on everybody out the other ( ?)... We now have the Pentagon itself wanting to CUT soldiers pay while they are in the field.

Troops may face Pay cut

Cleverly rigged into a Bill so that the current pay EXPIRES if Congress doesnt get back in time to do something about it...or even rememebers to do something about it.
Welcome to the face of the Right-- where all the lowly serfs are suppose to suffer and give til it hurts while the Conglomerates use them shamelessly to reap Billions in spoils.

Recall the LIAR in THIEF

Now that the "recall" lid is off , Be sure to register a vote and sign the petition to have BUSH Recalled. ;-)

Recall the Unelected Fraud

Empiric Globalism and Global Empiricism

For those who like to peek under the economic hood and see the inner workings, you wouldnt want to miss this fine ( though Lengthy) Explication on the down and dirty HOW and WHY the US Empire builders want to rearrange the global playing board.

the Invisible Hand of American Empire

good reading for the Economist amongst yee.

Markets too risky for insurers ?

A number of big players in the "excess SIPC" insurance game are considering pulling out of their coverage deals ( edu note---SIPC insurance is funded by the gov and usually covers brokerage account deposits up to about $500,000-- but brokerages usually buy " excess" coverage for protection beyond that amount, up into the multi-millions usually).
One has to wonder why the insurers would want to kill such an easy buck " golden goose" program that they have been providing for decades ? Might they think that many Large brokerages are teetering on the edge of insolvency--or possibly expecting a big market meltdown in some way ?

3 insurers quietly end a brokerage policy

Big Money knows alot before you and me do... thats for sure !

As Deepthroat once said " Follow the Money !"

Who needs them Rights anyway ?

get your T-shirts for the St John of Ashcroft " No Rights" tour 2003. he's canvasing the country and talking mostly to the chior of already converted nazis, harping about how his demolition of basic human and constitutional rights is really harmless affair.
After all...who needs them rights anyhow... when you have " security" instead.

Ashcroft plugs the gulag life

The gov shills have even set up their own propganda website where they try to argue against the shrill howls that are starting to develop ( even amongst rightards !) about how low our rights have fallen--if you enjoy such mendacious fare you can get it over here :

Gov Shills argue for the rights grab

AT bottom we're talking about man here ( ashcroft) who has made it his life's goal to REWRITE the Constitution ( more favorable to the Xtian GOD no doubt--as he is a religious nut par excellance')....

this quote from a molly Ivins article sums it up quite well :

" And what could be better than the insouciance with which the attorney general himself approaches the Constitution? During his six years in the Senate, he tried to proposed no fewer than SEVEN constitutional amendments. Since we've only managed to amend it 17 times in the last 200 years (that's leaving out the Bill of Rights), it's an impressive record. Of course, one of John Ashcroft's proposed amendments was to make it easier to amend."
-----Molly Ivins,

... and this most devious of Admins has actually given this Xtian Nut the ability to do so.

Aug 16, 2003

The Kelly Questions

For those intrigued and mired in the David Kelly "suicide" story, my Pal Maddog has been doing some deep research into the shenanigans thereof and collecting some fine links in the process. And Yes ,he says he's part of the " Army of unpaid Investigators". ;-)

you can keep up with the flow of results over at his INDIAC blog

BLACKOUT --- somebody flipping the switches ?

could it have been a first shot across the bow signaling the " Californi-fi-cation" or " Enron-i-zation" of big NY ?

Greg Palast has a few things to say about that and i nice bit of history on the Power Thieves

And might we be seeing another Play by the BushCo stooges here ?---after all another writer has spoken some truth thusly :

" Given the track record of these thugs in the White House, I'm wondering if this isn't some kind of a staged event to make us another "offer we can't refuse", especially when the Bushies have the crime, the culprit and the solution before the dust even settles.
The method of operation on these things for the Bush Administration seems to always include the following:

1) An actual catrostophic event, or threat of one, that is used to instill fear into the public.

2) Placing blame or responsibility for the event on a scape goat of choice.

3) An IMMEDIATE offer of a "sure fire solution" to the problem.(one that always serves the GOP best).

4) A warning to the public that if the solution is not accepted, the "event will happen again or get worse".

It seems that GOP always uses these four ingredients, or something like them, to force their agenda onto the American public.

It's the GOP pattern: crisis, blame and "if you don't let us do exactly what we want, we're all toast"! "

I couldn't have put it better myself !

Aug 11, 2003

Where's that Cheap PostWar Oil !!??

i cant begin to tell you how many rightards, in a feeble attempt to support their brazen plunder of Iraq's Cherished Oil, would slap me on the back and say " hey just think about all that cheap oil we gonna have after the war's over !"--well the war is over chumps ( so says the strutting Chimp of a pres) and just last week gas went UP at the pumps on me...or am i the only one getting PUMPED by this Admin ??

More Excuses On WHY OIL is RISING instead of going down

Fostering " Terra" Worldwide..... country at a time ? Maybe that should be the Bush Admin's main logo ?
You see now we may have real NUKE trouble in the mid east thanks to BuchCo. it seems Black Market Uranium Sales have started to flourish in Iraq now.

Getya Iraqi Uranium for Sale here

Well it seems "our boys" were so busy rushing off to guard the Oil Wells as their first duty, that ( along with silly things like Museums et al ) they just Forgot all about maybe guarding the Nuclear Energy Plants too. tsk tsk.
It may be about time that the naysayers start to consider that This Admin is in the business of PROPAGATING TERRA around the globe. Mostly by pumping up the Black Markets worldwide. Seems there was a problem with the Taliban putting a big dent in the Afghan Opium we went and "fixed" that ( Now the Opium is allegedly flowing at almost unprecedented rates again)...Now we had another convient country where the Iron Fist of it's dictator may have been hampering Thier Black Market flows too----so voila !... the " fixer" comes on the scene ?

Many might think it farfetched, but it's worth considering that maybe this whole Admin is really about Opening. expanding, and revitalizing Black Markets and underground trade lines all over the world.
Fostering "Terra" a little more each day. Because HEY...nobody has done as much for BushCo as "terra"--you've got to admit.