May 22, 2004

A Snapshot of the Blog-O-verse ?

Blogads has released the findings of their big survey of what kind of creatures roam the bloggy tundra at this time.
The Survey
There maybe some surprises there for you as to who your 'kin' are in the blogworld.

May 17, 2004

Waggin the Dog in Baghdad ?

 The ever growing number of " Fishy Circumstances , Contradictory Claims, and Video Anomalies" for the Berg Video is now up to 50 !

May 16, 2004

the Blatant Hand of Censorship

On " Meet the Press" a camera was shoved away from a Colin Powell interview w Russert , who was alledgedly asking some touchy questions. Does it get any more blatant than that ?
That was pretty unprecedented. Russert was asking Powell a question about his UN testimony and the camera gets pushed aside. Moment of confusion. Tim says, "Mr. Powell, I believe that was your staff member and that is inappropriate." More confusion. Powell says, "Emily, get away." Camera returns. Interview ends

DeProgramming the "American Taliban"

Just ran across this good site of tips and articles for "counter-evangelism" , or trying to free your wayward pals or aquaintances who may have fallen into the psychotic grip of the Fundamentalist Xtian Cults.

May 14, 2004

Cold Turkey for Hot Times

Kurt Vonnegut , the Mark Twain of our age , has just put out a another misslette of pondering that shouldn't be missed.
especially if you'd like to know what "gargling nose paint" means. ;-)

May 5, 2004

"October Surprise" in Cuba ?

Could the BushInc be plotting to try and overthrow of Cuba for election time ? Well it's a speculation being batted around in this thread over at bartcop forums. Nothing is beyond belief where this Lying Admin is concerned, and certainly will need some Huge and wild distraction for the endlessly growing QUAGMIRE ( yes it IS !) in the Mid East.
Hold onto your hats.