Jun 15, 2009

A Pertinent Summary of Our Sabotaged Healthcare reform !

the best synopsis i've seen so far as to what is really going on :


7. It's a compromise designed to defeat the whole purpose of healthcare

Edited on Mon Jun-15-09 01:43 PM by kenny blankenship

They tried to put it off altogether with some polite Republican idea of
a "trigger" period, an interval during which govt. agrees to do nothing
at all, while in exchange the insurance co.s dial back their greed
temporarily. The net "benefit" to the American people of the trigger
idea is to dissipate legislative will to reform the system, wait out the
anger of the public, and cause the people to give up hope. And after the
trigger period expires, the insurance corporations and their political
monkeys go back to the business of juicing Americans as usual. But that
is too brazen.

So now they're figuring out ways how to enact "reform" while making sure
the reforms cannot work and bring discredit to the idea that these
crushing problems have a political solution.

Mind you, these are the Democrats that are knifing healthcare reform in
the crib. They may blame it on Republicans but the fact is that the
Democrats could pass whatever plan they wanted to. It seems though that
they only want to pass a plan that the Republicans will agree to, but
Republicans are obdurate and cohesive. (They actually act like a party
sometimes) Consequently the Democrats are limiting themselves to voting
for a Republican plan, not a Democratic plan. You have to wonder why we
vote for them.

Do not be deceived: there is no room to make a compromise here. Any
successful national healthcare plan would negate and invalidate forever
everything the Republican party believes in and everything it has
promoted for one hundred years. National healthcare is the death of the
Republican philosophy. They are facing extinction. Therefore they will
never agree to any compromise that would have a snowball's chance to
succeed in practice. However, you MUST pass a viable plan or the
disasters it causes will spell the end of the Democratic Party; and no
viable plan will pass except over the GOP's dead body.