Jun 14, 2004

Bloggin' from the DemoCon

Seems the DNC has given the nod of approval to let a few 'hand selected' bloggers blog from the democratic convention floor. A First ? A sign of having "come of age" for blogging ? While a nice tip of the hat , the answer is Heck No . Most of us already know that blogging is not a lowlife that needs to be 'raised' to the hieghts of 'journalism"...no no.. blogging is already a form that has surpassed  the slime that is taken for 'journalism' nowadays.
Anyway it's still good to see the bloggers inclusion.
The July convention is also the first where a carefully selected group of bloggers will be granted credentials to cover the four-day event along with the thousands of conventional journalists scheduled to descend on Boston.

"You've been doing it ever since the Revolutionary War. Of course back then, bloggers went by a different name — pamphleteers," said Eric Schnure, a former speech writer for Vice President Al Gore, who will serve as the official 2004 DNC blogger. "Dumping tea and deleting spam. They're kind of the same, don't you think?"


"Bloggers have very little interest in being part of the establishment," said Spio, editor of One2One Magazine, which is dedicated to the singles lifestyle. "The entire 'blogosphere' is founded on the basic distrust of traditional organizations."

...Besides, we KNOW there will be many many blogs already covering the DemoCon , even if not from the main floor.