Jun 9, 2004

St Ronnie : Drooling in Valhalla

 Well the Gipper has finally made his way to the gates of Hades, where hopefully he may have the legions of brown babies he helped to slay waiting for him with terra-like machine guns. Perhaps when one enters the Bardo they should relive certain moments of their lives...but from the other's perspective.

Word has it that the 'beautification" ceremonies will proceed for the next week or so, but then it may be Open Season  on the Gip as the "Armies" of the net start rummaging through all the old closets of Herr Bonzo and his regime. I'm sure you've already seen many valiant revelations in the rest of the blogworld, so i wont bore with more here...just throw a few interesting Ronnie Related links i've been hording out for perusal.
 The Net's been buzzing with goodies already :

 The "66 things to think about when entering Reagan Airport" by David Corn has been revived and passed around heartily. a nice laundry list of items thats sure to jog the mind of even the most forgetful of people who lived through the Reagan Era.
Me Pal Maddog is slowly filling out the entries with Links about the events for an even more indepth " rememberance", so do give it a look and send him any fine links you may have for the roster.

Palast seems to have a Great memory though , and needs no help with re-visualization. he gives the Gipper his Due in a touching eulogy.

Krugman, as usual, is right in the pocket with his " the Great Taxer" column.  And he raises the intertesting prospect that Reagan's Death will now bring many comparisons with the Chimpster Now in Office, and no doubt the Chimpy Will fail many of those comparisons ( we knew there had to be a silver lining in here somewhere right ?).

For the beggining of this Comparison fiesta see this awesome Vile Denouncement by Young Ron Reagan of ANY comparison of His Pop to the current Feuher Idiot in the Oval Office now. Way to Go Ron... now that kind of " beautification" i can take.

 The Guardian and Truthout also have some righteous rememberances to share. More fighters of the Massive Revisionism We're all about to be drenched in as they felate this deceased elder menace. And Joshua Green has some Big Holes to tear into the Old Gip's "legacy" too.
The Reagan Years may be a good store of some of the True Economic and Statistical Data from Reagan's Era, perhaps useful when those evil rightards start bending every truth into a boom.

For those of you wishing to wander down memory's (true) lane , The American Experience has a Pretty good Reagan Timeline of events. Go there and joggle those memories.
Looks like the GOP tricks and crap-- the takeover of Ronnie's Death as a campaign tool for starters-- is already being put into play as one can see by this Post by Pandagon . Hmmm, how is it right to BAN Democrats from the Podium during a Government PAID FOR funeral ?

 The Fight is On kiddies...dont lay down.....do it ' for the gipper" so to speak.