Jun 3, 2004

Is Bush an Al Queda Plant ?

Eric Alterman ask this sly question today. Many may say , Too silly to consider ? just a laughable joke ?...well he's lined up at least 10 good reasons that could ruffle some brows.
  1. He’s destroying the military, by overstretching its resources  and cannabalizing its trainers.
  2. He’s consorting with spies for the Axis of Evil.
  3. He may be revealing the identities of CIA agents (or at least tacitly encouraging those who do).
  4. He’s coddling “terrorists” in Iraq.
  5. He’s pursuing a policy deliberately designed to stir up hatred in the Arab world.
  6. He’s helping bin Laden recruit more terrorists and Al Qaida to fully reconstitute itself.
  7. He’s setting captured terrorists free.
  8. He seems to think up a new reason to fight someone else almost every two weeks. (complete thesis)
  9. He’s sucking up to France.
  10. Oh, and he’s trying to undermine all those silly western freedoms that the Al-Qaida folks find so annoying.
Nahhh...couldn't be...right ? ;-)