Jun 23, 2004

Bush to Force Feed Pills to the Population :

Lets see, they'll start with little kids ( note: "CONSUMERS -of all ages" ) trapped in school ( pre-school !?) who have to submit to "screening" or be expelled , Then they'll force the most expensive anti-depressants on them , and THEN Bust their parents for 'child neglect' if they protest and/or refuse to keep their kids on the junk...OR better yet, get the parents on the drugs too...hell, just force anybody who protest giving the DrugCos $400/mo onto the Pills, and bill their credit cards in perpetuity... . Then slowly they can work their way up to drugging other "problem people"...like Democrats, or Workers who ask for Raises, etc.
 What a boon for the Big DrugCos.... they get the Gov to pay for all screening of " new target consumers" , The repugs get to dose ( under penalty of law) anybody who seems less than thrilled to be living in their age of fascist debauchery , and they get to nab them young'uns early, paint a big empty smile on their face, and a loose grip on those credit cards of the near future.
Maybe the screening should start in the White House ?
But yesssah...lets First be sure to keep Gawd & Eli Lilly in americas classrooms ! hail Zolof-tania !