Jun 24, 2004

Madrid Bomb Linked to RW Gov ?

Watch closely now... they are starting to find evidence that may link Aznar's Right Wing Gov to the Bombing of Madrid...a Bomb that may have backfired on them in a big way. Could it have been a ' dress rehersal' for Chimpy's idea of an "October Surprise' of his own. And where might have Aznar gotten such a bright idea as to bomb his own people in a bid to get re-elected anyhow ? It sets the mind awanderin' don't it.

THE man accused of supplying the dynamite used in the al-Qaeda train bombings in Madrid was in possession of the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad, it emerged yesterday.

Emilio Suárez Trashorras, who is alleged to have supplied 200kg of dynamite used in the bombs, had obtained the number of Juan Jesús Sánchez Manzano, the head of Tedax.

The revelation has raised fresh concerns in Madrid about links between those held responsible for the March bombings, which killed 190 people, and Spain’s security services, and shortcomings in the police investigation. Señor Suárez Trashorras and two other men implicated in the bombings have already been identified as police informers. Other members of the group had evaded police surveillance, despite concerns within the security services about their activities and evidence of their association with al-Qaeda.

The telephone number of Señor Sánchez Manzano was contained in a Civil Guard dossier handed to Juan del Olmo, the investigating judge, at the National Court in Madrid. The number was written on a piece of paper found in the possession of Carmen Toro, the wife of Señor Suárez Trashorras. Both are in custody accused of supplying dynamite used in the Madrid bombs.