Jul 2, 2005

The Crushing Paranoia

Have you ever seen a beast who, as it's Power escalates, it's Paranoia and Fear does also ?
This is the psychological disease that has taken root in the US admin, and is a structural component of Power in general. The 'mightier' these assholes become the more fearful and paranoid of every shadow they become. Perhaps it's just that Power KNOWS how many people it has screwed over in it's bloody climb, perhaps it knows it's paranoia is valid from it's past actions ? Who knows the delicacies of this specific state ? But one things for sure...These are thee questions of our time, which should bebeing divined now...... Why does Power, strength, and dominance always deliver ever bigger sidedishes of fear and paranoia to the Powerful ?
Power will crush out anything in it's path in an ever floundering attempt to SECURE it's Power, to feel SAFE ( at last), and yet that feeling is never achieved.

Bradblog has a note on the ever madening march of herr leader's hubris and power here :
THE BRAD BLOG: "White House Announces Formation of Domestic Secret Police"