May 16, 2005

Toilet Paper

This admin and it's henchmen do indeed use the Koran as toilet paper, and now they're trying to hammer th last nail in their decades long task of making our own media into toilet paper, and a final push for total censorship.
AntiWar has an article with many cites of witnesses to the "Koran Flush" story.
Newsweek Got Gitmo Right

Oh yeahh, Pres dimwit's spreading of compassion and love across the world was doing just peachy keen until that bad old libruul media went and screwed it all up. right.
Laugh if you will, but this exactly the groundwork they are laying... many voices think they're just prepping the US public with this excuse for they may openly decalre soon that we are LOSING in IRAQ !... of course it will be all the fault of the media in their little megaphone.
You have seen this Admin outright deny any mistakes and take No responsibility for it's mis-actions and grave errors these past years... what makes you think they would do so now ?...No No... the are in hot pursuit of their Scapegoat.
And for some reason Newsweek's bowing down and licking Bush's nuts to try and help !

Todays Outrageous IRONY award goes to Rummy.. who had the gall to say this with a straight face into cameras :

" Well, it's unfortunate that because some people spoke untruthfully that some people had to die for it. This is a serious situtation...people lied and now people are dead."