May 18, 2005

Dead Leech

In case any of the mp3 surfers are still passing thru here in serach of bounty, i should say i am no longer posting the Mp3 links on TPD. Out of that biz so to speak. It will be back to just the odd rant or rave on politics now and then for TPD.
I was posting them here mainly for myself , and because nobody except a couple pals came to this blog, and i saw it as a semi-private place for me to list the links i wanted to check again later. Well i soon found out that when one post Mp3 links on the web there is no such thing as remaining 'semi-private'--haha-- you will be found out quickly by the seekers. I've since found another method to log my targets.
On top of that i do respect the folks who work hard uploading their works and certainly didn't want to ruffle their feathers...long may they thrive! And there are many many other and better known blogs that already do a fine job of posting the daily 'harvest'. ( and you all know who they are anyway..ha).

So in the spirit of 'sharing' i'll simply leave you with this message :

Bruhahaha--party on downloaders !