Apr 3, 2005

Pope to Bush: Go into Iraq and you go without God

As the Bastard Dunce in the WH tries to co-op the Pope as being his soul buddy and thinking just as he does ( aka-- by howling in the media that he and Il Papa were both " culture of life" dudes--ha), it might be a fitting tribute to the Ex-Papa to remember exacctlyu what he DID say to Bushboy :

Pope to Bush: Go into Iraq and you go without God

The MSM wont mention all this to you... suddenly they all think the Pope just LOVED them and their current Nazi storming across the globe...nothing could be further from the truth... and it is a disgrace for them to imply so on this *MAN's* death ( yep-- thats right -- the Pope was just a MAN-- nothing more imo).
It should also make us reflect on just how MUCH dissent and resistance there was worldwide against the Bush Agenda back then... a trite fact that the MSM now lets Bush imply that didnt exist.

lets have that Quote again and remember it :

"Go into Iraq and you go without God"