Feb 23, 2007

Rightard-O-pedia ?

As if your day wasn't full of enough laughs already, now you have this wonderful resource to search for guffaws on at any time of day. Yes the Conservo- wingnuts have decided to try and make their own Conservapedia in their never ending quest to rewrite all of history so that it looks proper to the Bill O'Reilly baboons that cover such a vast expanse of our lil' village nowadays... a salute to this hilarious Encyclopedia by of and for Knuckledraggers.

You should start with this thread which mentions many insane quotes from the CP wiki....
Making Light: And at the other end of the galaxy, Second Conservapedia
and then go to the main and forage around for your own laugh-a-minute entries.

Heres one gutbuster i stumbled upon for Guy Fawkes :

" He was interrogated through torture. Normally torture would have been forbidden, but James I decided that the country was at war and therefore torture was OK .....
He died on January 31, 1606, by having his guts slowly pulled out. Although this form of death may seem unpleasant, it the only way to deal with those who question the rule of the Leader. "

Maybe they just call it " Bush-o-pedia" since it seems every entry will do it;s best to make history comply and affirm any insane move the little chimpboy has done in his tenure.